Me on BBC Manchester attack

Due to David’s research into terrorism and security as well as policing, human rights and criminal law in general, he is consistently requested by the media to provide commentary on these topic areas. David’s television appearances include the BBC’s Breakfast Show, BBC News Channel, BBC World Service, BBC News at Six and News at Ten, the BBC’s One Show,  BBC’s The Big Question, BBC Regional news Northwest Tonight and Southeast Tonight, Sky News, ITN’s news (including the regional news Granada Reports), Channel News Asia (Singapore), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Al Arabyia (Dubai), France 24, DW Germany, TRT (Turkey), RT (formerly Russia Today), ABC (Australia), CNN and cnbc (US).

David is a frequent contributor to BBC Radio 4. BBC Radio5live, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, most of the BBC’s regional radio stations, LBC, talkRADIO, Sputnik Radio (Russia), Newstalk (Ireland) and Newstalk ZB (New Zealand).

David also provides commentary for the print and online website media. To date this has included in the UK The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, the US’ Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Times and New York Times  Slovakia’s Pravda, Spain’s La Razon and Austria’s Die Presse.

Below are links to some of the interviews David has given:


BBC News Channel, 9th February 2018, interviewed over the capture of Kotey and Elsheikh, members of Islamic State’s execution cell working with Emwazi (aka Jihadi John)

BBC Breakfast, 24th October 2017, discussion panel with Baroness Newlove and David Lloyd (Chair of Association of Police & Crime Commissioners) on the future challenges facing policing in the UK

RT (Russia), 18th August 2017, ‘Spain latest nation to suffer ISIS-linked attacks’ – anti-terrorism expert

Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), 1st November 2016, ‘Iraqi forces make first break into IS-stronghold Mosul’

SKY News (UK), David Lowe talks to Sky News about terrorism and airport security

Sky News (UK), David Lowe talks to Sky News about terrorism following the attacks in Paris

TRT World (Turkey), Fighting Daesh: Interview with terrorism expert David Lowe 

TRT Words (Turkey), Interview with terrorism expert David Lowe on Manchester United evacuation

TRT World (Turkey), Interview with Dr David Lowe on March 2016 Brussels attacks

TRT World (Turkey), Interview with David Lowe on retaking of Mosul from Daesh

DW Germany, David Lowe — US Airstrikes Against Al-Shabaab Training Camp

RT (Russia), 22nd December 2016, ‘Why wasn’t Berlin attack suspect under tight surveillance?’

TRT World (Turkey), Interview with terrorism analyst David Lowe on Orlando nightclub shooting

TRT Wolrd (Turkey), Interview with David Lowe about November 2015 Paris Attack


Me at City Talk

BBC Radio Merseyside, 13th February 2018, interviewed regarding the use of software to identify and remove jihadist extremist content on the internet

LBC, 9th February 2018, discussion with former Minister Kim Howells on the capture of Islamic State’s execution cell members Kotey and Elsheikh

BBC Radio Wales, 2nd February 2018, interview over the conviction of Darren Osborne for terrorist murder/attempt murder at Finsbury Park (2 hours 0 minutes 50 seconds in)

BBC Radio Merseyside, 23rd January 2018, interview over UK and cyber security provisions (39 minutes 27 seconds in)

BBC Radio Three Counties, 24th November 2017, interview re-incident at Oxford Circus Tube station that was being treated as a terrorist incident (2 hours 33 minutes 2 seconds in)

BBC Radio WM, 18th October 2017, interview re-Andrew Parker (MI5 Director) and his comments that the UK is facing a more intense terrorist threat. (7 minutes 20 seconds in)

BBC Radio Scotland, 18th October 2017, interview re-Andrew Parker (MI5 Director) and his comments that the UK is facing a more intense terrorist threat. (55minutes 10 seconds in)

BBC Radio Kent, 12th October 2017, interview re-death of Sally-Ann Jones (white widow) in US drone attack in Syria and issues on radicalisation. (1 hour 4 minutes 50 seconds in)

BBC Radio Scotland, 12th October 2017, interview re-death of Sally-Ann Jones (white widow) in US drone attack in Syria and issues on radicalisation. (15 minutes 38 seconds in)

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, 12th October 2017, interview re-death of Sally-Ann Jones (white widow) in US drone attack in Syria and issues on radicalisation. (5 minutes 32 seconds in)

BBC Radio Stoke, 20th September 2017, interview re-UK PM, Theresa May’s speech on internet and communications service providers having greater safeguards against extremist and terrorist related material placed on the Internet

BBC Radio Wales, 18th September 2017, interview re-terrorist attack at Parsons Green underground station and developments in the investigation (1 hour 48 minutes 40 seconds in)

Ireland’s FM104, 17th September 2017 interview re-parsons green terrorist attack

BBC Radio Merseyside, 15th September 2017 interview re-Parsons Green terrorist attack (1 hour 1minute13 seconds in)

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, 20th August 2017, interview re-terrorist attacks in Spain (2 hours 9 minutes 24 seconds in)

BBC Radio5live, 18th August 2017, interview re-Barcelona terrorist attack (12 minutes 33 seconds in)

BBC Radio Wales, 18th August 2017, interview re-Barcelona terrorist attack (1 hour 38 minutes 58 seconds in)

BBC Radio Manchester, 18th August 2017, interview re-Barcelona terrorist attack (22 minutes 42 seconds in)

talkRADIO (UK), 25th May 2017, ”It’s a disgrace to say the threat level was raised to help Theresa May’, says former counter-terror detective’

Sputnik Radio (Russia), 29th March 2017, ‘London Terror Attack: Is This the New Normal?’

ABC Radio (Australia), 24th March 2017, ‘Police identify man responsible for London attack’

Newstalk (Ireland), 22nd March 2017, ‘Terror Attack in Westminster’

talkRADIO (UK), 18th January 2017, ‘Why didn’t Tunisia have plans in place to stop Isis beach massacre, asks terror expert’

talkRADIO (UK), 22nd August 2017, Gaziantep massacre: Isis most likely responsible, says terror expert

talkRADIO (UK), 19th July 2016, German train axe attack: ‘It’s fortunate the casualities have been so minimal’ – Former anti-terror detective

LBC (UK), 15th July 2016, ‘Terror Expert Explains Why London Is Such A Target’

Newstalk ZB (New Zealand), 30th June 2016, ‘Dr David Lowe: Attack on Turkey an attack on the world’

ShareRadioUK, June 2016, ‘Fiona Norman looks at whether our parliamentarians are given enough security’

me at radio merseyside

Newspapers and Websites

me at BBC Media City

Sputnik News Website, 27th November 2017, ‘UK Black Friday Panic: New Gunshot Detection Tech Worth Considering’

Sputnik News Website, 26th October 2017, ‘Britain’s $4.6Bln Parliament Building Faces Terrorist Threat for a ‘Generation”

RT website (Russia), 7th August 2017, ‘Jihadist rehab fiasco? RT talks to locals as de-radicalisation center shuts in France

Liverpool Echo, 24th May 2017, ‘”Many extremist plots will have been foiled” reminds Liverpool counter-terrorism expert’

The Sun, 23rd March 2017, ‘How MI5, SAS and British special forces closed the net on identity of Westminster’s lone-wolf terror maniac’

Daily Express, 22nd March 2017, ‘UK terror threat level: What is the terror threat level in Britain and London?’

Sputnik website, 17th February 2017, ‘Daesh Can Be Defeated Geographically, But Ideology Must Also Be Removed – Expert’

Sputnik News website, 16th December 2016, ‘British Military in Iraq to Train Anti-Daesh “Moderate” Fighters’

Sputnik News website, 28th July 2016, ‘More “Lone Wolf” Attacks Likely in Europe Amid Intel Chaos – Expert’

Sputnik News website, 7th July 2016, ‘UK Security, intel improve since 7/7 bombings, but London still a target

BBC News, 14th June 2016, ‘Less violence at Wales v England security experts say’

Pravda (Slovakia), 10th June 2016,’ Zvíťazí futbal nad terorom?’

Liverpool Echo, 29th November 2015, ‘Liverpool FC: Heightened security expected for Bordeaux match at Anfield after Paris terror atrocities’

Pravda (Slovakia), 20th November 2015, ‘O čom uvažuje Islamský štát? Či sa odhodlá na ďalší útok’

BBC Newsbeat website, 18th November 2015, ‘Why anti-terror officers wear difference clothes’

Channel 4 News, 9th January 2015, ‘Can any security service stop terror attacks?’

BBC News website, 28th March 2014, ‘What happens to lost and stolen passports?’

The Guardian, 20th August 2013, ‘Reaction to the detention of David Miranda at Heathrow Airport – as it happened’

BBC News website, 19th August 2013, ‘David Miranda detention: MP asks police for explanation’