Parson Green Terrorist Attack: Two persons arrested

Two suspects have been arrested in the investigation into the Parsons Green terrorist attack, one an 18 year old arrested at the Port of Dover, the second a 21 year old arrested in Hounslow, London. This shows how intensive the investigation has been carried out since the incident last Friday morning.

The arrests do not mean the investigation is effectively over, the two arrested are simply suspected to have had an involvement in the planting of the bomb on the London Underground train under section 41 Terrorism Act 2000. At this stage this means the police have obtained information and evidence to suspect that the wo have an involvement in the attack, not that they have committed offences. That can only be confirmed if  sufficient evidence to charge the two is obtained they are either found or plead guilty in a subsequent trial that may follow.

The two are most likely to be detained in police custody under Schedule 8 Terrorism Act 2000 that provides the conditions of the suspects’ detention rather than section 37 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 that provides the conditions for police detention of suspects in non-terrorist related offences. One of the main differences is the length of time a person can be detained in police custody prior to charge and grounds that must be met in relation to authorising police detention. During their detention, while the suspects will be interviewed by the police,  various enquiries related to the investigation will be continuing as well as examination of any forensic evidence and analysis of intelligence.

Currently the terror threat level in the UK remains critical, which means an attack is imminent. Whether this is based on Islamic State’s claim that further devices have not been found or if it is as a result of the ongoing investigations remains to be seen.

I will be discussing the developments into the Parsons Green terrorist attack on Sky News just after 12.30 BST today.