13% Increase in Recorded Crime in England & Wales is not Due to, ‘…spread of radical Islamic Terror’

The recorded crime statistics for England & Wales released on the 19th October 2017 showed an overall increase of 13%. This included a 19% increase in sexual offences and a 26% in knife/violent crime, as well as an increase in reported harassment/stalking crime. In separate data there has been a 31% in recorded hate crime.

Part of this increase is explained by improved reporting procedures by the police and for offences like sexual offences, harassment (and race hate) victims are showing confidence in the police and feel comfortable in reporting it.. Out of these crime statistics the worry is the increase in knife/violent offence (where over half have been attributed to the London area).

US president, Donald Trump’s irresponsible and ill-informed tweet that the increase in recorded crime is due to the ‘spread of Radical Islamic terror’ is incorrect and way of the mark. It is time that Donald Trump kept his nose out of UK affairs and looked into his own country and the US murder and violent crime statistics involving firearms, like the recent shooting in Las Vegas where there is no connection to Islamist terror group action or radicalisation.

I will be discussing this with Andrew Pierce on LBC Radio around 8.45 pm (BST) this evening.